Vinnie James

UX design

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Vinnie James

  • The early days

    Growing up tech

    I developed a passion for technology and web design at a very early age. Throughout childhood my hobbies included building computers, home and small business network setup and troubleshooting, web development, IRC, and playing ice hockey

  • California State University Northridge

    B.A. Graphic Arts, Business Administration*

    I hold a bachelor of arts from California State University Northridge as well as a *minor in Business Administration.

  • Invincible Creative

    Front-End Web Development

    During college I founded Invincible Creative, a boutique web design, front-end development, and digital marketing agency.

  • University of San Diego School of Law

    Juris Doctor

    I hold a Juris Doctor, from the University of San Diego School of Law. I completed a specialization in Corporate Law focusing on: corporate planning, financial regulation and business strategy.

  • Crypto Currency

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solidity...

    Crypto currency captured my interest as the new paradigm in the way financial transactions work on the web. The world needs an open, corss-border, seamless financial system. Many projects today are laying the foundation, particularly Distributed Applications (DApps) in the Ethereum eco-system. I developed and launched Unicoin on the Ethereum blockchain, using Solidity with Open Zepplin. In order to track prices and portfolio performance, I developed the crypto currency portfolio tracking app: Coinfox.

  • Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    Circling up to the Bay Area, I held multiple software development positions with up-and-coming startups. Most recently building web applications with Facebook co-founders at Asana. Primary development stack: Python, React, with HighCharts for data-visualization.

  • Wall Street

    New York

    Building Fin-Tech software on Wall Street...

  • The Matrix

    Everywhere, all around us

    Building and scaling the evolution of DeFi protocols and crypto backed loans with Rocko